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Tracks - 2015

DLMX are pleased to announce that we have re secured Castell Howell as a race venue for 2015. As quads are fundimental to the running of the club, we will be leasing the track for the racing of both solos and quads.  The landowners at Castell Howell, would however like it noted that the track will continue to be open for practice / training for solo riders only - 1st race meeting there scheduled for the 3rd-4th May 2015 (Bank Holiday)


DLMX have a great collection of tracks to suit all ages and abilities.  With our resident venues at Meidrim and Cwmduad, along with our annual meeting at Rhayader, not to mention our popular Pendine Beach Cross racing,  we are now pleased to announce we have re-secured Castell Howell to add to our line up - 2015 is looking bright!


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Talsarn Meidrim Cwmduad