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RIDING FEES - Set accross the BSMA for 2016 and are as follows:

Auto - £30, Junior and Senior Classes - £35, All adult classes - £40


LICENSES - These can be applied for online by clicking the link on our homepage.

Single Membership - £25         Family Membership - £35

Family Membership - riders may have different surnames but must all live at the same address. All family members must be on the same application at the same time.


DAY LICENSES - These are £10 per day license, and can be purchased at the meeting itself.

Auto and Junior riders are not permitted to have day licenses.


ASSESSMENTS - Any riders that have not held a BSMA license before must complete a riding assessment with the club the license is held with. If you have never held a BSMA license before then YOU MUST complete an assessment.

We will have 3 laps of practice, the first being a sighting lap with NO OVERTAKING. This will count as your assessment. Should a rider stall or fall off, you may be asked to re-take the assessment.

You may apply for a license online before completing an assessment, but the BSMA will only issue the license once an assessment has been completed.

Auto and Junior Riders also need to provide a copy of their birth certificate or passport at their first meeting.


AUTO / JUNIOR PICKUP SHEETS - Any parents or guardians of Auto or Junior Riders that wish to be trackside whilst their riders are on track MUST SIGN A PICKUP SHEET AND WEAR A HIGH VIS. If you have not signed the pickup sheet you will be instructed off the track.


SCRUITINEERING - All machines must be scruitineered before allowed on the track at the start of the meeting.  If a rider has a spare bike / quad that they may possibly use, this must also be scruitineered.


APPEALS - Any appeals must be made to the Clerk Of The Course within 30 minutes of the end of a race.  Any appeals made after this must be in writing with a cheque for £50 (refundable upon a successful appeal)


RACE NUMBERS - In order to assist the lap scorers, we only allow 1 or 2 digit race numbers.  Riders will be able to select a number (on a first come first served basis) between 1 and 99 and will be unable to change for that season.  AMX and Open rider numbers must not clash - no numbers the same, for when we run both groups together


AGE RESTRICTIONS - In line with BSMA age restrictions, no riders under 16 years of age are allowed in the adult classes.