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Dredgers-Laugharne is Wales' Premier Motocross Club for both Solo and Quad motocross bikes, and is regulated by the BSMA to run the Welsh Championship.


Originally known as 'Dredgers', the club was established on boxing day 1993 at 'Dredgerman's Hill', and joined O.R.P.A (the off road promoters association) in 1994.


In 2003, the club was taken over by one of the initial founding members, Anthony (Muff) Roberts, and the name changed to what we have today, Dredgers-Laugharne.


As of 2016 the club is now affiliated with the BSMA - British Schoolboy Motocross Association


Many of the original members along with their family members still ride with and participate at club meetings, and in turn this helps provide a safe, yet fun and friendly atmosphere at the track.


Dredgers-Laugharne welcomes old and new members alike, and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!



Great News - For 2016 DLMX will now be running with the BSMA!!






Apply for your BSMA licence online today


You may race without a transponder but may not get scored

We will not be hiring out transponders, they can be bought from HS Sports direct by clicking on the pic

It gets better.... Transponders for 2016!

Next Meeting: 16th October 2016

Welsh Round 8 @ Cwmythig Hill


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